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Red ND followed by Red NA

New Zealand is geographically diverse, and we are bestowed with an abundance of back-country roads that are a pleasure to travel. When the earth was created, one of the design team must have driven an MX5 and fashioned our country with this little car in mind. Throw in some breath-taking scenery, which is always best viewed with the top down, and you can see why we’re such a happy bunch.

Founded in early 1990 following the arrival of the first MX5s to our shores, the MX-5 Club of New Zealand has continued to grow steadily, uniting members who span the length and breadth of our wonderful country. We share a hearty enthusiasm for these little cars and invite you take a look at what we’re doing.

Currently we have 15 regions, covering both islands but all joining in as part of a nation-wide club. The Club is a very active and socially orientated organisation, so take a look at what’s happening in your area. Have a look at our ‘Events’ section and feel free to get involved. Make sure you check out all the other areas of our site while you are here.


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